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Rustic Beauty Mango-Pear Gift Set for Women: Exotically Scented Collection Including Shower Gel, Bubble Bath, Bath Salt, Body Lotion, Body Spray, and Bath Fizzer
Happy Birthday Gift Collection

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  • Close your eyes and fly to faraway destinations with this tangy, tropical, and tantalizing Mango-Pear bath and body home spa gift set
  • Each set includes 180ml shower gel, 180ml bubble bath, 120ml body spray, 100ml body lotion, 120g bath salts, and an orange bath fizzer
  • Specially gift wrapped in a charming antique style, hand woven basket which can be used to store cosmetics and other bathroom toiletries
  • Enriched with nourishing Shea butter and vitamin E for super-soft skin
  • Show the special woman in your life that you care with a fruity gift set that will revitalize her both inside and out


Tropical Days Are Here to Stay in Your Bathroom with This Exquisite Mango-Pear Gift Set


Close your eyes, and imagine yourself sinking deeper into a hot bath as the rich, almost sultry aroma of mango and pear fills the steamy air. It’s a tropical smell with a hint of vibrant tartness to aid your relaxation as the hot water enriched with Shea butter and vitamin E nourishes your skin, leaving you completely relaxed, no matter how your day has been.


This mango-pea bath and body spa experience is all packed into this beautiful gift set, which comes with a final thoughtful touch of an antique woven basket. Inside the basket, you will find a complete kit, ready for you to use including:


  • Refreshing shower gel: get set for the day with a tropical blast of sunshine lathering up on your skin
  • Bubbly bubble bath: make like a kid and splash the bubbles as you breathe in the wonderfully fruity aroma as each bubble pops
  • Boosting Body Spray: refresh yourself throughout the day with a quick spritz of mango and pear and smell divine at all times
  • Creamy Body Lotion: nourish and soften your skin with this buttery-rich, creamy mango and pear scented delight
  • Invigorating Bath Salts: relax and rejuvenate as these bath salts penetrate your skin, nourishing it
  • Sparkling Bath Fizzer Say ‘yes’ to an effervescent bath with playful crackles of mango and pear infused aroma


British Made with the Finest Ingredients at Freida and Joe


All Freida and Joe bathroom products are made with love and care in the United Kingdom, using the finest quality ingredients sourced from leading distributors around the world.


Our products and gift sets for bath and body intoxicate the senses, invigorate the soul, and nourish the skin. With enriched Shea butter and vitamin E added, you get a full, fragrant spa experience from the comfort of your own home.


The Perfect Scent for a Dreamy Bath That Takes Your Imagination Far Away


Transform your bathroom into a tropical spa paradise with the ultimate mango-pear treat for bath and body with this spectacular gift kit, ideal for yourself for yourself or a loved one.