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Lotus and Ginseng Roots Spa Shower Kit: Shower Gel, Bubble Bath, Body Lotion, and Bath Puff

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  • Create a new daily ritual of calm, serenity, and tranquility with this luxury lotus and ginseng root scented bath and body kit
  • Let ginseng roots' powerful regenerative properties work deep into your skin as you inhale the subtle lotus aroma, leading you deeper into a state of pure calm
  • Includes 250ml shower gel, 250ml bubble bath, 120ml body lotion, and a bath puff
  • Get a full spa experience and beautifully soft and moisturized skin with added enrichment of Shea butter and vitamin E
  • The perfect luxury home spa gift set for a special woman on birthdays and other special occasions – or a personal treat after a hard day at work


Relax in Exotic Luxury with the Calming Fragrance of Lotus and Ginseng Root in the Air


Float like a calm lotus in the calm tranquility of your bathtub as the rich scent of ginseng root fills your mind, body, and soul with a peaceful sensation, working deep into your body to draw out the day’s cares – leaving you fully rejuvenated.


This lotus and ginseng root spa bath gift set for women is the perfect companion for a long, lazy soak – and each beautifully packaged set includes the following products:


  • Calming shower gel: welcome in the new day with the exotic smells of the Far East, preparing you for the adventure ahead
  • Frothy bubble bath: relax in a luxury spa bath experience with bubbles light as air and filled with fragrance float around you
  • Smooth body lotion: enriched with Shea butter and vitamin E, give your skin a boost every day
  • Stimulating bath puff: scrub away old skin and let your new skin breathe to feel refreshed and revitalized


Made Proudly in Great Britain by Freida and Joe


Freida and Joe spa bath products are a byword for luxury. Our exotic ingredients sourced from top suppliers and enriched with nourishing Shea butter and vitamin E in the United Kingdom with the utmost care.


A Luxury Experience Filled with Fragrance Awaits


The lotus and ginseng root spa gift kit is a fantastic gift for a loved one – and an indulgent self-treat for people seeking a little exotic luxury in their life. Add this fragrant gift set to your shopping cart now!