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Delight Spa Gift Set With Many Skin Care Products: Shower Gel, Body Lotion & More

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  • All Inclusive Pack – The set contains shower gel, body lotion, bubble bath, and body scrub (all are 255 ml), along with reflexology foot stick, exfoliating loofah pad, exfoliating loofah back scrubber, and bath salt & potpourri in an organza bag. The two-tone natural wood flat basket is also a lovely décor item.
  • Fascinating Fragrances - Top: Lemon, Grapefruit, Orange, Bergamot, Apple, Peach, Pineapple and Melon. Middle: Jasmine, Violet, Muguet, Rose, Almond and Geranium. Base: Caramel, Vanilla, Amber and Patchouli. The combination of these floral scents is captivating to say the least!
  • Shea Butter – An active ingredient in the products, it helps to moisturize the skin, and has anti-inflammatory properties as well. It enhances elasticity and tightness, while the overall skin health improves drastically.
  • Vitamin E – The products are enriched with vitamin E, which hydrates the skin, lightens dark spots, cleanses deeply, and combats signs of aging.
  • Perfect Gift – The Delight! aromatherapy spa set is a wonderful gift for loved ones. They will be thrilled to receive the massage, reflexology and bath tools to invigorate senses and feel soothed.


This vintage spa set is truly a must-have addition to your collection of body and skin care necessities. This pack contains items specifically chosen to provide all-round pampering, so you get glowing skin and feel rejuvenated at the same time.


It contains:


Shower Gel

There is nothing better that standing under the shower and using a foamy shower gel that not only makes you feel good, but effectively cleanses your body. Playing with the foam and bubbles is also great fun!

Bubble Bath

If you like long and relaxing soaks in your bathtub, this bubble bath is exactly what you are looking for! Pour some in the water, wait for the bubbles to form, and then slowly sink into them – the experience is heavenly, especially after a hectic day at work.

Bath Salt

The bubble bath and bath salt make an excellent combination. Add the salts to the foam before you step in – it will soothe and comfort your body. For best results make sure the water is warm, as the salts act as detoxifiers and ease muscle spasm.

Body Scrub

At times it isn’t sufficient to use just soap and water for cleansing because the stubborn dirt and grime tend to stick to the skin and clog the pores. The body scrub ensures thorough cleansing and exfoliates the skin, thus purifying it.

Body Lotion

Step out of the shower or bath, towel dry your body, apply a layer of lotion, and blend it into the skin for a smooth and radiant appearance.

Reflexology Wood Stick

It is very important for tense muscles to relax, which can be aided by this wood stick. Healthy blood circulation also occurs if used regularly.

Loofah Back Scrubber

Squeeze some body scrub or shower gel on the loofah and use it for cleaning the back, neck, shoulders, feet, and hard to reach areas. Thus, your skin is cleansed deeply, imparting a healthy skin tone.

Exfoliating Loofah Pad

Use it for proper exfoliation of the skin. A hook is provided so it can be hung up for drying.


The potpourri is handcrafted and made of dried flowers – it emits a lovely fragrance that uplifts your mood right away and gives a comforting feeling.

Wood Basket

The two-tone natural wood flat basket can be used as a décor item for your sauna, spa and aroma steam meditation room. You can place it in the living room or dining space as well.


Such awesome products in one package – you won’t get a better deal! So, what are you waiting for? Place your order immediately!