Scents That Love & Linger

For Freida & Joe the natural world is a wondrous source of fresh fragrances, each a journey to a far off distant place, where brilliant aromatic bouquets blossom and breathe beauty in the air.

A passion for quality is infused in every Freida & Joe product. Only the finest ingredients from around the world satisfy Freida & Joe’s benchmark standards. The result is perfectly balanced fragrances that perform true to their natural floral origin, and hydrating greaseless lotions that rejuvenate and protect the skin, leaving a soft silky smooth feel.

At Freida & Joe it’s all about intimate bonds and long-lasting relationships. Each uniquely gift-wrapped package is destined for a lucky beneficiary, designed to become a treasured keepsake.

Seize a moment to celebrate. Any moment. Share your sentiments someday. A Freida & Joe gift, enjoyable to give, delightful to get.

Come with Freida & Joe and be inspired by journeys to faraway places.