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Bath Bombs Valentine’s Day Essential Gift Set for Women: Deluxe Aromatherapy Collection with 6 Luxurious and Relaxing Scents

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Complement your gift with the perfect message on an exquisite greeting card Included FREE today with your purchase. Select yours before checkout.

The Mind Body Balance Gift Collection is for fresh perspective. Take off with these bath bombs formulated with our exclusive nutrient rich formula. With this superior gift collection, you are primped and set to go. Best for students entering college, welcoming someone to a new home, & congratulating a job promotion. Ideal for anyone facing new horizons.



orange, yoga sunrise, cucumber melon, pink grapefruit, green tea, and wild flower honeycomb

  • 100g Orangeanti-inflammatory
  • 100g Yoga sunriseReduce anxiety and stress
  • 100g Cucumber meloncurb cravings & rejuvenate
  • 100g Pink grapefruitdisinfects & stimulant
  • 100g Green teaAstringent & anti-aging properties
  • 100g Wild flower honeycombmulti-purpose antidote


Superb Sensory Sensation for everyone; especially good for:

*Welcome to College/Good Luck on new project /Welcome Home after prolonged hospital / rehab stay



Bath time...

Is me time...

~ Clear all bathtub clutter

~ Place your phone on mute

~ Dim or close the lights

~ Light Candles [practice safety!]

~ Play soft music

~ Place a folded soft towel behind

your head, neck, and shoulders

~ Lean back in the bath tub

~ Drop in your Freida Joe bath bomb

~ Close your eyes

~ Let the creamy frothy lather

cascade all around

~ Embrace the world with renewed vigor