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Bag Gift Set - Purple Basil Flower & Kale Splash - Purple

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SKU: FJ-111

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The Purple Basil Flower and Kale Splash easy carry Spa in a Bag Gift Set is all the rage. This personal take everywhere with you bag gratifies every time.


  • 120g Bath Salts
  • 120ml Bubble Bath
  • 120ml Shower Gel
  • 15g Bath Puff

Enriched with Shea Butter & Vitamin E

A sun-loving, kingly herb valued for its strikingly beautiful foliage the basil flower releases magnificent perfume. The basil is made purple by the heightened presence of anthocyanin, a purple pigment. With a history of legends and uses worldwide the basil actually originated in Thailand. Think lush gardens and exotic summer landscapes. A natural detoxifier Kale will clear your pores, reduce aging lines and leave you with vibrant young looking skin.