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Meadow Bath Gift Basket: Shower Gel, Bubble Bath, Body Lotion, Body Spray, Bath Fizzer

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SKU: FJ-31

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Wicker Basket: The Wicker Meadow Fragrance Spa Gift Set in a white wicker basket promises refreshed energies.


  • 180 ml shower gel
  • 180 ml bubble bath
  • 100 ml body lotion
  • 120 ml body spray
  • butterfly fizzer
  • 120 g bath salt
  • ribbon & tag

Enriched with Shea Butter & Vitamin E.

About this fragrance: The refreshing landscape of green meadows nestled in the shade of the Alps, invigorating and always rejuvenating, with the brisk mountain air spreading white floral scents tinged with the woodsy musk of Swiss conifers.  Each Freida&Joe Spa Gift Basket transports that fortunate recipient to some far-off intriguing and exotic location. As soothing, calm escapes from stress, the Spa Gift Sets moisturize and refresh the body, and revitalize the mind and spirit. Expressing your love, lifting someone‰۪s spirits, or just letting that special person know you are thinking about him or she has no designated day. The unique quality and distinctive fragrances of all Freida & Joe‰۪s products express perfectly and always that person is special to you.