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Nice Lotus & Ginseng Root - Blue

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This Nice Lotus & Ginseng Root Spa in a Bag gift set is a snap. For spontaneous spur of the moment sizzle this bag will say it for you.


  • 250ml Shower Gel
  • 250ml Bubble Bath
  • 120ml Body Lotion
  • 15g Bath Puff

Enriched with Shea Butter and Vitamin E.

This floating aquatic perennial plant, originating in southern Asia, disappears into the night only to reappear in all its glory towering above the water at dawn. Retreat to the misty atmosphere of tropical forests as you inhale the rich intoxicating quality of the Lotus, a symbol of purity and rebirth. An absolute boon for the immune system, the blessings of the Ginseng plant root will sharpen your focus and decrease fatigue.