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Tulip Fragrance Bath and Body Bathroom Gift Set: Shower Gel, Bath Salts, Hand Cream.

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Holder: This Tulip Bath Gift Set in a distressed three sectional white wood caddy with satin ribbon and bow conveys your fondest feelings.
  • 400ml shower gel
  • 470g bath salts
  • 400ml hand cream
Enriched with Shea Butter & Vitamin E.

Color: liquid color lavender, caddy: distress white

About Fragrance: TThe national symbol of Turkey, this beloved blossom is celebrated in
festivals throughout the world during spring months. Tulips symbolize perfect love. Rich in history and meaning, the popularity of this bloom continues to endure. These gorgeous and beautifully fragrant blooms make a common expression for cheerful thoughts and sunshine.

Fragrance notes: Top: green, bergmant, magnolia, ylang ylang, orange, cassis Middle: cinnamon leaf,clove, jasmine, tuberose, osmanthus, pine balsam Base: musk, vanllia, vetier, sandalwood,patchouli