Scent is our most primitive sense. It's the closest thing to the emotional brain. It penetrates you. You love it and want to be part of it.

Scents are underrated. It’s a powerful thing that affects human behaviour, more than we realize. It is provocative, it triggers emotion, and it can make and bring back memories.

“Love at first scent,” “Fragrances that turn you on.” Could it be true? Let’s all be real here. Do you remember what it’s like to be attracted by your partner’s smell? How men burry their noses in their woman’s hair, or how women hug and cuddle their man and sniff their shirts? Or for single men or women, maybe you can remember the time your crush passes by and leaves a trail of his or her fragrance and you try to smell and savour every scent that’s left in the air? Funny as it may seem or admit, I’m definitely sure you can relate to what I’m saying here and suddenly realizes the truth on how fragrances can be powerful.



The sense of smell. Scientifically illustrated.

Physical attraction leads to physical contact, and when physical contact is involved, “scent-centric” communication comes into play without us noticing it. It is a chemically ignited attraction that builds “chemistry” among two people.

To be more geeky about it, the sense of smell is directly connected to the brain. When people breathe in fragrance or smell, it goes straight to the brain’s nerve endings, stimulating communication, memory, and emotion sensors. Am I boring you already? Well then, let’s move forward to the sexy side of this topic.



You can never go wrong with a body massage using our Aromatherapy Scented bath and body products.

With all the Science behind scents and how it can influence the emotion and spark a chemistry between people, let’s use fragrance to touch the hearts of our loved ones and make them feel extra special!

As Valentine’s Day is fast-approaching, it is the perfect time to use the Power of Scent. In our last blog post about “The Best Way To Say I Love You On Valentine’s Day,” it was suggested that one of the best ways to express how you feel about your special someone is to treat her to a sweet pampering by putting up a Romantic Spa experience at Home with Freida and Joe’s Valentine's Collection of Bath, Body and Spa Gift Sets in various scents that Love and Linger.

Rose petal flowers, dim lights using candles, and bath bombs in Balsamic Strawberry scent.

Given a setup of romantic decors at home, dim lights for ambiance, and the Aromatherapy fragrance from our bath collections, you’ll surely make this upcoming Valentine’s Day a memorable one. A bit of warning though... doing our suggestion exactly as mentioned would make him or her go crazy over you! Enjoy!

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