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4 Lush Bath Bombs - Strawberry, Sandalwood, Apricot Yogurt, Purple Basil & Kale splash

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SKU: FJ-101

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The Romantic Sensuous Gift Set is paradise for lovers. Waltz off with these bath bombs formulated with our exclusive nutrient rich formula . Seduce ‘the one’ with this sitting pretty gift set . Spot on for proposals, honeymoons, and wedding nights


golden aura floral and sandalwood, strawberry, apricot yogurt & chia seed, purple basil and kale splash

  • 70g StrawberryRelieve aching muscles
  • 70g Golden aura floral & sandalwoodFor calmness & clarity
  • 70g Apricot yogurt & chia seedAntioxidant & skin hydrate
  • 70g Purple basil & kale splash Remove toxins, promote collagen production & increase cell turnover


Bath time...

Is me time...

~ Clear all bathtub clutter

~ Place your phone on mute

~ Dim or close the lights

~ Light Candles [practice safety!]

~ Play soft music

~ Place a folded soft towel behind

your head, neck, and shoulders

~ Lean back in the bath tub

~ Drop in your Freida Joe bath bomb

~ Close your eyes

~ Let the creamy frothy lather cascade all around

~ Embrace the world with renewed vigor