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6pcs Bath Bombs - Inner Calm & Conviction Gift Collection

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The Inner Calm And Conviction Gift Collection is for venturing out to explore within. Unearth and breakthrough with these bath bombs formulated with our exclusive nutrient rich formula. Tune out the world around you with this choice gift collection. Great for cherished friends, long-time colleagues, & close siblings. Perfect for anyone seeking insight and inspiration.



vanilla surprise, mint, lavender, yoga sunrise, sandalwood, green tea

  • 100g SandalwoodFor calmness & clarity
  • 100g Yoga sunrise - Reduce anxiety and Stress
  • 100g MintSharpen focus, combat irritation, alleviate congestion, aid digestion
  • 100g Lavender- Healing aid against colds, flu & migraine
  • 100g Green teaAstringent & anti-aging properties
  • 100g Vanilla Surprisestimulate repair, fight infection


Superb Sensory Sensation for everyone; especially good for:

*Newly Single/New Apartment/New Job



Bath time...

Is me time...

~ Clear all bathtub clutter

~ Place your phone on mute

~ Dim or close the lights

~ Light Candles [practice safety!]

~ Play soft music

~ Place a folded soft towel behind

your head, neck, and shoulders

~ Lean back in the bath tub

~ Drop in your Freida Joe bath bomb

~ Close your eyes

~ Let the creamy frothy lather

cascade all around

~ Embrace the world with renewed vigor