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Freida & Joe

6 Different Calming Scents Bath Bombs: Vanilla, Mint, Lavender, Yoga Sunrise, Sandalwood, & Green Tea

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  • Aromatic bath and body indulgence featuring six natural aromatherapy scents: vanilla surprise, mint, lavender, yoga sunrise, sandalwood, and green tea
  • Enriched with Shea butter and vitamin E, all ingredients are sourced from the UK from the finest suppliers
  • No dyes or coloring used in manufacturing for a natural bath that leaves you feeling cleansed, refreshed, and ready to tackle the world again
  • Enjoy the Zen calm and relaxation of the aromatherapy scents as the nutrient-rich bath bomb offers moisturizing and nourishing skin care
  • The perfect gift set for birthdays, holidays, and treating yourself or a loved one to a luxurious spa-like bath experience in the comfort of your own home


Aromatherapy Bath Bomb Gift Set with 6 unique scents


Transform your bath into a place of sanctuary and contemplation with this gorgeous-smelling collection of scented bath bombs from Freida and Joe which also offers powerful aromatherapy for the ultimate in relaxation and rejuvenation! Each bath bomb set features the following:


  • Vanilla Surprise for aid in skin cell repair, mood boosts, and fighting general infections
  • Mint for those times when you need to be focused. Mint is also known to aid digestion, alleviate congestion in case of colds, and reduce general irritation
  • Lavender for aromatherapy that fights colds, flu, and migraines with a gentle, yet fresh floral breeze
  • Yoga Sunrise for a stress-busting, anxiety-reducing boost and aid to quiet contemplation
  • Sandalwood for a sensation of calmness with new clarity in your daily life
  • Green Tea for its remarkable anti-aging skin care properties and pore-closing astringency


Made with the finest quality ingredients, source in Great Britain


Each Freida and Joe bath bomb is handmade with love and care, using the finest ingredients available, giving you or a loved one a luxurious aromatherapy spa experience at home.


The essential oils used in Freida and Joe aromatherapy bath bombs are further enriched with Shea butter and vitamin E for a boost to your skin care regime. Our formulation is also safe to use in your bath without worrying about discoloring as we do not use colorings or dyes.


How to enjoy your aromatherapy bath and body relaxation session


Relax – it’s time to enjoy a little “me time.” Turn the lights down low, put your favorite music on, light some candles, and turn the phone off – it’s time to relax.


Simply run your bath as normal, drop in your Freida and Joe bath bomb and let the essential oils work deep into your skin as the aromatherapy scents fill your air and mind with calm.


Discover your new favorite bath bombs today or surprise a loved one: add this superb bath bomb gift set from Frieda and Joe to your basket today!