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Freida & Joe

Wild Flower and Honey Comb Spa Gift Set: Shower Gel, Bubble Bath, Body Lotion, & Puff

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  • Unleash the smell of summer in your bathroom and enjoy a spa experience with this aromatic wild flower and honey comb natural scent gift set for women
  • Includes 150ml shower gel, 150ml bubble bath, 150ml body lotion, and bath puff
  • Rich in antioxidants – lie back and let the goodness of the natural ingredients soothe your skin and heal wounds as you enjoy the heavenly scent
  • Comes in a bonus bag to take your cosmetics and spa bathroom with you wherever you go so you are never far from a private oasis
  • The perfect home spa gift set for women on birthdays, holidays, and special occasions


The Essence of Summertime, Captured in a Sensational Home Spa Gift Set


Summertime is a time of ripeness and sweet-smelling air to accompany the familiar sound of buzzing honey bees collecting the sweet nectar of flowers basking in the sun.


This superb wild flower and honey comb gift set for woman packs the very essence of summer into a bottle, ready for you to enjoy at any time of day or night, the whole year round. Each designer gift pack comes with the following products included:


  • Cooling shower gel: start every day with a bright start and an invigorating, sweet scent that transports you to flower-filled meadows
  • Lush bubble bath: create a bathroom paradise of summery bubbles in your bath with this luxurious mixture
  • Rich body lotion: enjoy velvet-smooth skin, infused with the sunny scent of wild flower and honey come
  • Cleansing bath puff: scrub away dirt, grime, and dead skin cells with this invigorating, yet gentle puff


Frieda and Joe: British Products, Made with Love


Made in the United Kingdom, all Freida and Joe bathroom spa products are made with love and care, enriched with Shea butter and vitamin E for relaxation that also rejuvenates.


Is It Spring, Fall, or Winter Outside? Invite Summer Inside Today!


Add the wild flowers and honey comb gifts set to your shopping cart today and create the ultimate summery spa sensation in your bathroom whenever you feel like it – or treat a loved one to show them you care!