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Freida & Joe

Foot Spa Sock Set in Cucumber Melon Fragrance, Includes Body Lotion, Bath Salts And Super Soft Cozy Socks

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❤ Create a home spa experience with an aroma bliss! Relax and detoxify your mind and body with Freida and Joe. 


The cucumber belongs to fruit family and also includes squashes, melons and guards. Cucumber oil is extracted from the seeds of cucumber and is used in wide range of skin treatments. This oil is very rich in nutrients and is highly effective to retain the glow and health of skin. It is also helpful in treating dry skin, boils, acne and maintaining the moisture level of skin.


This Foot Spa Sock Set includes:

  • A pair of Super Soft Socks
  • 50ml of Body Lotion
  • 100g of Bath Salts

❤ Give your tired aching feet a hug with proper foot care  soak your feet in bath  foot salt with warm water, apply foot care lotion and then cozy sock. You’ll have happy fragrant soft soles and you’ll feel light soothed and refreshed.