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Freida & Joe

Pink Orchid Strawberry Spa: Bath Bombs, Body Lotion, Bath Salts, Shower Gel, Bubble Bath

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  • Enjoy a little luxury in your bath routine with the intoxicating aroma of pink orchid and balsamic strawberry and let the cares and worries of the day slip far, far away
  • More than just a treat for your sense of smell, each product is enriched for optimum skin care with Shea butter and vitamin E to nourish and smoothen
  • Relax to the soft, floral scent as the protective, healing, and disease-fighting properties of pink orchid waft through the room
  • Includes 215 shower gel, 215 bubble bath, 100ml body lotion, 2 30g bath bombs, 100g bath salts
  • The perfect aromatherapy gift set for women on special occasions such as birthdays and holidays, mixing aromatherapy, skin care, and spa experience in one beautifully-presented package


Soak into Floral Delight with This Fragrant Pleasure


Once smelled, never forgotten, the delicate floral scent of the pink orchid blends perfectly with the slight zest of balsamic strawberry to create a fruity, blissful aroma for bath and body relaxation heaven.


This aromatherapy gift set is perfect for anyone who feels wilted at the end of the day, with rejuvenating and healing properties to bring even the weariest soul back up to full bloom. Each pink orchid and balsamic strawberry bath and body gift set contains:


  • Cooling shower gel: Wake up to a floral bath and body moment that prepares you for the day ahead
  • Lush bubble bath: create a playful bath time spa environment with bubbles full of fragrance, ready to pop
  • Creamy body lotion: enriched with Shea butter and vitamin E, this creamy lotion nourishes, protects, and cares for your skin
  • Energetic bath bombs: enjoy the sudden fizzle and snap, followed submerging yourself into a rich explosion of floral bliss
  • Fizzing bath salts: relax in a bathtub, immersed in sweet-smelling salts that put you in a garden with full pink orchid bloom


British Made with Love by Freida and Joe


Freida and Joe’s luxury bath and body spa products are all made in the United Kingdom from the finest ingredients, enriched with Shea butter and vitamin E for a silky, creamy experience every time.


Our aromatherapy spa and bathroom products offer a high quality, invigorating experience that’s a feast for all the senses.


Bring Bath and Body Spa Luxury Home with this Gift Set


This lovely feminine scent makes this spa gift set ideal for women – or for yourself. Add this pink orchid balsamic strawberry aromatherapy gift set to your shopping cart today.