Our Bath and Body Gift Sets—Unique Gift Ideas. Useful Gifts

Our Bath and Body Gift Sets—Unique Gift Ideas. Useful Gifts

Figuring out the best gift to get a loved one for a special occasion always seems to be more difficult than it looks—especially if that person is notoriously hard to shop for.

Every year, you give this person their gift and wait with mixed anticipation and dread to see if they’ll actually like it. Sometimes they smile, and you can tell their reaction is genuine. But other times, you can tell you missed the mark.

Which route do you take? Do you go super practical and get them something that will help their life run more smoothly and fulfill a particular need? Or—do you embrace the lighter side of the special occasion and get them something purely enjoyable and entertaining?

What if we told you that it’s possible to have both? Because with Freida & Joe’s bath and body gift sets, you can.

The genius of our products is that they’re the perfect blend of useful and unique. They’re beautiful and practical, enjoyable and purposeful, and ultimately, a meaningful expression of your love and appreciation that can play multiple roles in your favorite person’s life.

Sure, our products keep you clean. That’s a given. But they go far beyond that, providing an experience with benefits for beauty, health, and attitude.

They’re gift sets that give twice...and three, four, or five times as well.

They’re both a unique gift idea...and a useful gift.

And it all goes back to knowing how to use them.

At this point you might be wondering...why do I need special instructions for a bath and body gift set? It’s simple, right? You take a bath. You smell the scents while you get clean. You dry off. Big deal.

Let us tell you right now…a one-and-done attitude toward bathtime doesn’t work with Freida & Joe.

Here’s the thing...our products are no ordinary bath and body gift sets. Because they are gifts that give many times over, they have multiple uses, and to get the most out of your products, you or your gift recipient need to know them all.

If you truly want to experience how Freida & Joe makes gifts enjoyable to give and delightful to get, this is how it works…


Step 1: Enjoy the Perfect Self-Pampering Experience

When you’re buying Freida & Joe’s bath and body gift sets, you’re giving your loved ones the chance to pamper themselves in a way they normally wouldn’t. And that means that creating the perfect bathtime experience is central to how you enjoy them.

What’s even better is that no two Freida & Joe gift sets deliver the same experience, so it’s important to select the group of products you think your friend or family member might most enjoy.

For instance, let’s say your mother is the world’s biggest beach traveler. Sand, sun, sea air? In her eyes, there’s nothing better. If there’s the case, our Oceanside Breeze Tub Bath Spa Set is right up her alley.

This beach-themed bath and body gift set comes with shower gel, bubble bath, body lotion, bath salt, and a puff sponge. And it’s all packaged in a shiny, sparkling blue plastic bathtub.

To create the perfect experience with this spa set, first, run a bath at your favorite temperature, whether it’s steaming hot or comfortably warm. Then, add your bubble bath and let the fresh ocean scent mix into the air and water.

Meanwhile, dim the lights, light a favorite candle, and pick out some favorite relaxing music, or maybe even a CD of ocean surf sounds to set the mood.

Then, get into the tub, put a towel behind your head, and inhale the scent of the water, letting it carry you on a relaxing beach getaway in your own bathroom.

Once you’ve relaxed, wash up and get fresh and clean with your shower gel. After your bath, dry off and finish the experience by rubbing your legs with lotion, moisturizing and hydrating your skin with shea butter and vitamin E.

But it isn’t just about Freida & Joe giving you a stay-cation in your bathroom. Our travel bags give you the perfect spa experience no matter where you may go.

Take our Lotus and Gingseng Root shower kit on the go with you and enjoy the same bubble bath, shower gel, and lotion routine to unwind from that big business trip, or to take a moment to yourself during a family vacation or reunion.


Regardless of the place or occasion, our products make both a unique gift idea and a useful gift that takes the practical present of soap and bath supplies and makes them luxurious.


Step 2: Use the Packaging and Accessories After the Products Are Gone

If you love your Freida & Joe bath and body gift sets as much as we think you will, it won’t be long before your containers of bubble bath and shower gel are empty. That’s the bad news.

But there’s good news, too. Even after the bath products themselves are gone, the gift continues to give through the packaging they came in. That’s why we offer unique boxes, bathtubs, cabinets, and more as part of our gift sets: we want the experience to last.

The best part? You get to use the packaging in whatever creative way you choose.

Remember that blue plastic bathtub from your mom’s Oceanside bath and body gift set? Once it’s empty, it can find new life as a decorative holder for handsoaps in the guest bathroom or simply for whatever shampoo and conditioner she uses next.

And it doesn’t even have to be used in the bathroom. Use it to store personal items in your bedroom, or hand it off to a child to store their toys or give their dolls a bathtime experience of their own.

Not all Freida & Joe’s packaging has the novelty factor of our bathtubs, though. There’s also our beautiful wooden collection, which can serve a useful decorative purpose. For example, our Deluxe Cherry Blossom Gift Set comes in a wooden caddy that can easily hold family pictures and mementos, displaying them in the living room or bedroom.

The same goes for the natural wood curio cabinet for the French Vanilla Spa Bath Gift Set. With drawers, doors, and secret compartments, there’s no limit to what you can store or display in it.

Not all Freida & Joe’s packaging is traditional, though. Many of our gift sets also come with bathtime accessories that enhance the experience and last beyond the life of the products themselves.

For instance, what would the perfect self-pampering experience be without a fluffy bathrobe and slippers to cuddle up in after bathtime? That’s exactly why we put together our Luxury Bathrobe and Lush Slipper Set, the perfect addition to Freida & Joe’s Pink Peony-scented shower gel and lotion.

The robe and slippers can be used any time, for any purpose, even just to keep warm on a cold night.

Think a robe AND slippers are a little much for your special person? No problem—you can also get a set of slippers only to enjoy with our White Rose and Jasmine lotion and shower gel. Even when you’re not taking a bath, you still need cozy feet.

No matter who you’re buying for, Freida & Joe has you covered with both unique gift ideas and useful gifts—everything you need to find that happy medium between the practical and the luxurious, at a price designed for you.

Think our bath and body gift sets would be perfect for your next special occasion? If so, what are you waiting for? Start shopping now. Click here to check out this collection of some of our favorite items that are enjoyable to give and delightful to get. 

Happy gifting from Freida & Joe!

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