Ways To Say I Love You With Gift Sets That Give Twice

Ways To Say I Love You With Gift Sets That Give Twice

Let’s face it: no one wants to give a boring gift. Special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, and engagements only come around once in awhile, and they’re a great time to show the people you’re celebrating just how much they mean to you.

But not choosing the right gift—or even just thinking you didn’t—can really dampen your enthusiasm about this otherwise joyful event. In fact, the fear of giving a gift that isn’t unique or interesting is one of the driving factors that makes someone a gift doubter.

When someone rejects a gift, they don’t just reject the thing you bought—it feels like they’re rejecting you. And that fear can make buying a gift an experience full of insecurity instead of joy.

But thankfully...it doesn’t have to be that way. Because on the other side of your search for the perfect ways to say I love you, there’s Freida & Joe, and our handcrafted gift sets that give twice.

By this point, we’re sure we’ve got your attention. How can a gift give twice? With Freida & Joe, it can, and it’s a big part of what makes our products so unique.

Freida & Joe’s gift sets are the perfect way to show your appreciation and love for someone: an experience that gives again and again, reminding them each time of how much they matter to you.

And when you show your feelings for someone with Freida & Joe, you get to be a lovely gifter.

How to Say I Love You with Freida & Joe

The beauty of our products is that no two gift-giving experiences at Freida & Joe are exactly alike. That’s because we offer dozens of gift sets to choose from, from bath sets to travel bags to bath bombs and more—products and packages to fit every need, interest, taste, and lifestyle.

Plus, they come in a variety of carefully curated fragrances so your loved one can create their own unique experience of relaxation and self-pampering.

So how do you say I Love You with Freida & Joe? It goes something like this...

Pick the right fragrance

Each of our gift sets is designed to create a unique experience for a recipient, a time of self-care that is different for each individual.

The inventory you have to choose from is quite extensive, so be sure to explore our whole website to get the best idea of what your special person might enjoy most.

First, think about the fragrance, considering which of our scents would be the clearest expression of how to say I love you.

For example, does your best friend love days at the beach? If so, she’ll love our Oceanside Breeze gift set, complete with shower gel, bubble bath, lotion, and bath salts, plus a sponge. Even outside the summer season, she can still enjoy a beach retreat right in the comfort of her bathroom.

Or maybe you’ve got that family member who needs a gentle reminder to slow down and take some time for herself. Nothing gives the much-needed gift of relaxation like a Freida & Joe lavender gift set. Along with all the same bath products as the Beachside gift set, this one even comes with a bath bomb to add a fizzy, lathery touch to the experience.

No matter what your loved one’s current life experience might be, there’s a Freida & Joe fragrance to fit it perfectly.

Pick the right package

Once you know what fragrance fits your favorite person best, start thinking about the actual packaging. The way we put together our gift sets is what really makes them one of the most special ways to say I love you.

Freida & Joe’s products don’t just ship as assorted bath products thrown into a cardboard box. They’re carefully and creatively assembled to create an enjoyable, beautiful gift.

For starters, we take a fun approach to packaging our product with our plastic tub gift sets, arranging your bubble bath, shower gel, bath bomb, and more in a colorful plastic bathtub.

Or, if your special person wants something a little more decorative, she might like a wooden curio cabinet or box as the packaging for her gift.

And there are even more exciting packaging options we haven’t even talked about—gift sets involving bathrobes, slippers, and socks, for instance, which provide warmth and comfort along with the sensory therapy of our bath products.

But the process isn’t over yet. Believe it or not, the next step is the most fun.

Customize your gift

Freida & Joe isn’t one of those online stores that leave you hanging after you pick out the perfect gift and simply mail your selection out the same way as everyone else’s order. Far from it.

You get to choose a card and write a note to make it a truly personal experience and one of the most amazing ways to say I love you.

At checkout, you’ll be given an option to choose a special occasion card, as well as write a note to accompany your gift set. Simply choose what occasion card you want to include, leave a message and complete your purchase so we can send it out to your loved one.

How Freida & Joe’s Gift Sets Give Twice

It’s simple. Our gift sets are the best way to say I love you because they are an experience, not a one-and-done deal. Freida & Joe’s gift sets continue to bring joy even after the last drop of body lotion is gone.

First, they come with several products that all serve different purposes in a bathtime experience. Shower gel brings a refreshing scent to shower time, while bubble bath lets your loved one self-pamper with sudsy, soft lather. Meanwhile, bath bombs create a distinctive aromatherapy experience, while lotion keeps skin hydrated even after bathtime is over.

Also, your loved one likely won’t use all these products at once, which makes it easy for all our ways to say I love you to keep giving relaxing experiences for a long time to come.

And even after your special person has run out of the products, they’ll still have that fun plastic tub, beautiful curio cabinet, or decorative box to treasure and use in any way they like.

Ready to find out which of our ways to say I love you works for your special occasion?

If so, it’s time to go shopping (and who doesn’t love that?)! Whether you’re buying for a friend, relative, coworker, or any other special person in your life, there’s a Freida & Joe product that’s perfect for them.

Click here to shop our gift sets and start finding the perfect one to show your feelings and celebrate someone special.

With Freida & Joe and our fine fragrances and gift sets that give twice, there’s no need for gift-doubting. Find a gift your favorite person will love, personalize, and enjoy watching them love it.

Because when you shop with us, gifts are enjoyable to gift and delightful to get.

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